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Anal Glands
What are anal glands for?
In dogs, anal glands are occasionally referred to as "scent glands", because they allow dogs to mark their territory and identify other dogs.
Why do they need to be emptied?
Usually dogs have firm stools and this exerts pressure on the anal glands and they will be emptied naturally. However, in some dogs the stools do not exert enough pressure on these glands leading them to become full.
Do my dogs anal glands need emptying?
If your dog shows the following signs they may need their anal glands emptying.
Licking or biting (anus)
Itching around back end
Scooting/dragging on the floor
Sitting uncomfortably
Chasing tail
Strong fishy smell
Doesn't like tail being lifted or handled
Less tail wagging
Who can empty your dogs anal glands?
Many people believe this can only be performed by Vets. This can be quite expensive. One of our customers was quoted £27 at her local surgery.
Our staff are fully trained to perform the task of emptying your dogs anal glands.
What does it cost at Short and Kurlys? 
This service is available in addition to grooming services or on a drop in basis at a cost of £6.
You will not be charged if the anal glands are  already empty.
If our staff notice any irregularities with the anal gland, or its secretions we will always advise you to speak to a vet at your earliest opportunity.
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