Short & Kurlys 0115 914 0881 - Dog Grooming and Microchipping Service, Nottingham
We only use the finest quality specialist shampoos and conditioners.
We offer specialist shampoo treatments to suit your dogs coat, we also use flea shampoo (if needed) and (Non prescription)medicated shampoo for problem skin conditions.
Customers are welcome to bring their own shampoo for their pet. We are also happy to apply medicated shampoo prescribed by your vet.(Unless they are being treated for a contagious skin condition)
After each shampoo, a conditioner is applied to re-hydrate the dog's skin and coat. The conditioning treatment also serves to remove any static electricity and detangles the coat as well. It also helps repel dirt off the dog's coat.
During this process your dog receives a deep cleansing, relaxing massage. This helps to improve their blood circulation, and helps build trust between us and your dog.
During bathing we will conduct a thorough check of your dogs skin and coat. To identify any lumps bumps and foreign bodies, we will inform you if we find any abnormalities.
Your dog will then be hand dried using dryers that are specifically designed for drying dogs. They are both high velocity and high performance, but have variable temperatures and speed settings to ensure your dog is comfortable and relaxed at all times when being dried. The dryers lift and remove any loose undercoat as they dry, this leaves your dog and their skin feeling revitalised.
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