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Not all breeds of dogs are clipped, but quite a few are, and the degree of clipping may vary considerably from a "tidy or clean up" job to a "fashionable clip" as in the case of some Poodle clips.
We stock many clipper blades allowing us to clip your dog to the length of coat you desire, or to breed standard.
Having your dog clipped doesn't necessarily mean your dogs coat will be short, unless requested.
Many dogs are clipped either because the necessity to keep the dog well groomed which in turn helps to keep it healthy, or for the purposes of easier management as a house pet. Principle areas which are clipped will vary from breed to breed, but usually include the head, ears, cheeks, neck, shoulders, sides, underbody, feet and tail.
Specific areas may be deemed necessary to clip for a variety of reasons.
Severe matting of the coat may require resorting to clipping using a very close blade. (Shave Policy)This will allow the coat to re-grow and with attention to regular grooming it should be possible to prevent the re-occurrence of further matts.
Many long haired breeds are often clipped between the pads of the feet to prevent an accumulation of hair which may collect dirt and other material leading to the discomfort of the dog.
The stomach is an area often where the hair can be clipped for either sanitary or cosmetic purposes.
During the summer months many owners request a strip up their dogs belly to be clipped. This helps them keep cool during hot weather.
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