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Ear Cleaning
Regular ear check-ups and cleaning contributes to healthy ears, free of painful infections. Between grooming appointments pet owners should practice ear health maintenance and check their dog's ears at least once a week.
We offer ear cleaning on a drop in basis.
Many pet owners do not realise that dogs can grow hair in the ear canal, even large amounts common to some Poodles and Terriers, as well as other breeds. If your dog breed is prone to hair growth in the ear canal, we will remove excess hair alongside the cleaning process.
If we find any abnormalities with your dogs ears  we will advise you to consult a vet.
For dogs prone to ear infections (e.g. Cocker Spaniels) we would usually suggest the inside of the ear is shaven to promote good air circulation,and prevent dirt building up. This also reduces the weight of the ear.
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