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Regular grooming helps keep your pet looking and feeling good.
Every time your dog is brushed, loose hair and debris are removed from the coat, leaving it cleaner and healthier. Brushing also reduces the risk of matting.
Many dog owners are under the common misconception that dogs do not require grooming during the winter. If dogs are not groomed regularly they may become matted. Matts retain water and therefore matted dogs stay wet for longer which in turn makes them colder for longer.
Aside from being unattractive, a matted coat limits the skin’s exposure to air, making your dog more prone to skin infections.
When a dog is presented to us in a severely matted condition it is our policy to shave the whole coat using electric clippers with a close blade. We groom HUMANELY, to de-matt would cause the dog tremendous stress and discomfort, often leaving a very thinned and damaged coat.
Grooming stimulates blood flow, which in turn improves blood supply to the hair follicles working wonders for the health of the overall coat.
Grooming also stimulates the lymphatic system, thus having a positive affect on the dog's overall health in the same way that a massage does for humans. 
Short and Kurlys use a wide variety of grooming equipment. This allows us to select the ideal tools for your specific breed of dog and its coat.
Your dog will be thoroughly and humanely groomed removing all matts. 
While grooming your dog we will check the skin for possible skin rashes and problems like hair loss or lumps.  We also check for signs that your dog has been scratching a certain area of the skin which could indicate some sort of irritation such as worms, fleas, mites or ticks.
Ticks in particular can be deadly if left undetected and a thorough visual check of the dog's skin should be a regular part of your dog's health and grooming strategy.
We will also check the pads and nails for problems that may require attention.
We will always inform you of any abnormalities found and recommend you seek advice from your vet. 
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